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GRANULITE®️ company is a representative of OOO Granula Group of the Companies, based in Yekaterinburg city, Russian Federation, over 20 years specializing in the cenosphere production and processing. Our company manufactures our own products under GRANULITE®️ brand with unique properties and advantages compared to its analogues:

- the best strength-to-density ratio
- melting point up to 1750 °С
- Al2O3 content up to 32-40%
- stabilized microspheres with no impurities and inclusions.

Since 2005 our main source of raw materials is the "white" cenosphere from Reftinskaya HPP, the largest coal-fired power plant in Russia operating on Ekibastuz coal. Additionally, since 2018 we have been using in our operation the cleanest raw materials from Aksu HPP in Kazakhstan (town of Aksu, Pavlodar region, Kazakhstan). Our full production cycle and equipped research laboratories are located in the town of Asbest next to Reftinskaya HPP (Russian Federation).

The most of our GRANULITE®️ products are used in our own production of oil-well cements for oil and gas wells. Due to high strength our materials are used in the most difficult geophysical conditions.

We also export a wide range of microsphere grades for refractory and other industrial applications.
Each stage of raw material and GRANULITE®️ final product production is controlled by quality control system (ISO9001:2015).

In 2016 we passed the REACH certification procedure for compliance with European requirements.

Since 2009 our company has been accredited as a global supplier of the leading service oil and gas companies.