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What is cenosphere?

Cenospheres are finely-divided light inert bulk powder composed of the hollow spherical particles made of silica and alumina and filled with air or inert gas. The color of cenospheres can vary from gray to almost white depending on diverse sources of coal raw material, and their size - from 5 to 500 µm. Coal from different sources of raw material has various combustion conditions, which allows to produce wide range of cenospheres distinguished by quality and color.
GRANULITE® company specializes in manufacturing of cenospheres of the highest quality - the white grade cenospheses.


How are GRANULITE® cenosphers manufactured?

The company carries out a full cycle from the raw materials selection and preparation, its stabilization, to the final processing with further production of a wide range of the high-quality spherical fillers under the GRANULITE®brand name.

The raw material for the GRANULITE® cenospheres is the "white" cenosphere of Reftinskaya GRES, the largest coal power plant located in the Yekaterinburg city area operating on the high-ash Ekibastuz coals (with Al2O3 content up to 40%).

Our technology of the raw materials processing allows producing the cenospheres with the best strength to density ratio which is the most valuable characteristic when the cenospheres are used under high load conditions and as the filler in the insulation and refractory materials.

What are GRANULITE® cenospheres?

GRANULITE® cenospheres are microscopic, lightweight, inert, hollow spheres made of silica and alumina, filled with air with high content of Al2O3 up to 32-40% and low impurities content, with melting point up to 1750°C and excellent strength-to-density ratio.

The raw material for GRANULITE®cenospheres is the "white" microsphere of the largest coal power plant in Russia in Yekaterinburg city area (Reftinskaya GRES, Al2O3 content up to 40% provides high refractory and insulation characteristics).

Why use GRANULITE® cenospheres?

The best strength-to-density ratio and the highest melting points, the most valuable characteristics when the cenospheres are used under high loads, and with high insulation and refractory properties.

GRANULITE®cenospheres have stable characteristics comparable with the high-strength glass microspheres as evidenced by the results of the scientific research conducted by 3M Laboratory (Tiloy, France).

GRANULITE®cenospheres are always in demand by the leading global oilfield services companies. Our products are used in the largest hydrocarbon deposits in the Southeast Asia, the Far East, Eastern and Western Siberia, the Arctic and in the North Africa.

Each production stage and technical characteristics of the products supplied are controlled by the quality control system in accordance with ISO9001: 2015 international standard.

In 2016 we passed through the REACH certification procedure for the compliance with the European requirements

What volumes are GRANULITE® cenospheres available in?

Cenospheres GRANULITE®️ are delivered in 20kg paper bags or in 500kg big bags.

Cenospheres GRANULITE®️ are usually transported on the wooden pallets.

How to order GRANULITE® cenospheres

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