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GRANULITE® cenospheres are fine free-flowing powder composed of high-strength hollow spherical aluminosilicate particles, and used to reduce costs, and increase the performance of lightweight cements, refractory materials, sound and heat insulation, and other materials to whom less weight with the same structural properties is required in order to reduce the consumption of the expensive components.

Cenosphere are highly stable lightweight additive with high content of Al2O3, as well as low impurities, melting point of 1750°C, and excellent strength-to-density ratio.

We offer a range of grades with different quality characteristics, which are suited to the solution of different process requierments. 


a low density 500µ cenosphere suitable for Oil well cement and refractories


500 µ cenosphere with a Mohs scale shell hardness of 6 and a typical crush strength of 3000-6000 psi suitable for the following applications with Al2O3 up to 32-40%, melting point 1750°C and best strength-to-density ratio.

  • High Temperature-Resistant Coatings

  • Refractories

  • Foundries

  • composites 

  • plastics



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Cenosphere mix with at least 99% passing 300 microns suitable for the following applications with Al2O3 content up to 32-40%, melting point 1750°C:

  • Mortars & grouts
  • Syntactic foams
  • Decorative castings
  • Adhesives
  • Cushion flooring


Product Information SheetGranulite Lab Test Summary 


Сenosphere mix with at least 99.5% passing 160 microns suitable for the following applications with Al2O3 up to 32-40%, melting point 1750 °C:

  • Coatings
  • Paints
  • Shoe soles
  • Car body putty
  • Crack fillers


 Product Information SheetGranulite Lab Test Summary