The Industrial Lightweight Filler
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  • Effectiveness  - The spherical shape of the cenospheres helps to reduce the viscosity of the composites produced, improves the flowing characteristics of the materials, ensures better distribution and efficient filling of particles, as well as shrinkage reduction.
  • Refractory - High melting point of GRANULITE ® cenospheres (about 1750 ° C) makes them highly demanded for the manufacturers of the refractory materials, since it improves the thermal stability of the materials in which the cenospheres are added with relatively small linear changes.
  • Strength  - The unique combination of the "ultralight weight" and the "strength" characteristics of the microspheres allows manufacturing of light cements, with up to 1200 kg / m3 density with stable and controlled parameters. Due to their particle compression strength, cenospheres withstand the high pressure conditions without losing the cement density and have higher strength in comparison with the similar and more expensive industrial glass microspheres,  offering approximately 25% weight loss on traditional mineral fillers.
  • Insulation - Due to low sound and thermal conductivity, the cenospheres can be used as an excellent insulating materials.
  • Usefulness - can be used in a range of the materials ensuring the high resistance to acids and alkalies.  
  • Efficiency - Reduce the consumption rate of the expensive binders and components in the compositions.